About us

ROLE 2003 KFT with its independent (Agri-food) division was established in Budapest, Hungary in 2003. The founder is a Chinese businessman and agricultural expert coming from Shandong, China’s most important vegetable and fruit producing region.

With more than ten successful years of trading with premium Chinese fresh and processed products, we can provide our - constantly growing number of - clients throughout Europe the best offers as well as essential up-to-date information, trends associated with the Chinese market.

Needless to say, quality is top priority within ROLE. We only select certified growers, producers, processing companies to be our suppliers who can continously meet our high quality requirements, as well as the most current and very strict global quality standards such as HACCP, GlobalGAP, etc.

Role 2003 KFT | 1172 Besenyszög u. 101 Budapest Hungary
Tel: 0036-14310455 |Email: role@enternet.hu | Web: importer.hu
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