With more than ten successful years of trading with premium Chinese fresh and processed products, we can provide our - constantly growing number of - clients throughout Europe the best offers as well as essential up-to-date information, trends associated with the Chinese market.
Trading services
Within a separate scope of business activity, ROLE provides value added services to Chinese   enterprises in identifying potential business partners in Europe.   Vice versa we can promote products and services offered by European firms for the Chinese market.

About us

In 2003 ROLE was set up with the primary aim to provide value added services to Chinese and European enterprises in identifying potential business partners for them abroad in terms of certain products or services. To date we have assisted in the successful establishment of numerous cooperation between Chinese and European undertakings.

Parallel to this and within a separate core business activity, ROLE had started the trading of high quality Chinese agricultural and food products to the EU.  Thanks to our successful customer-focussed operation and solid supply network today our brands have become well-known and loved throughout Europe.


„ROLE: Our role is to make your business roll…”


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