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Within a separate scope of business activity, ROLE provides value added services to Chinese   enterprises in identifying potential business partners in Europe.   Vice versa we can promote products and services offered by European firms for the Chinese market.


In this process our devoted colleagues in China are there to support us with subtantial expertise and in-depth domestic market knowledge. 


In the past ROLE has successfully contributed to the establishment of several short and long-term business partnerships between European and Chinese clients representing various sectors, such as:


  • Textile/Light industry,
  • Recycling industry,
  • Machinery industry,
  • Precision industry


Based on the gained experience and possessed knowledge we are confident that ROLE can lend your company a helping hand in finding the ideal business partner and thus new markets for your products or services.


In case of interest you are more than welcome to contact us for more information.


Ms  Andrea Szalay
TEL: 0036-14310455
FAX: 0036-12600970
Email: role@enternet.hu


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